Banquet - Vegetarian / Vegan

Shared banquet min 4+ required for 10+. Whole table only. 

Green papaya, mango, carrot, peanuts, basil, shiitake vinaigrette (gf)(vegan)

Smoked miso eggplant fritter, sesame, chives, ginger nuoc cham

‘Banh khot’ coconut and turmeric pikelets filled with shiitake, tofu, pickled cucumber and tomatoes (gf)

Fried silken tofu, Sichuan pepper, black vinegar, coriander (gf)

‘Banh xeo’ crispy coconut and turmeric crepe filled with onion, bean sprout, tofu and jicama, tofu (gf)

Rice paper roll kit
Vermicelli sheets
Rice paper
Faux duck fillet
Faux chicken skewers
Eggplant fritters
Spring roll

Desserts to share