Lunch Menu

‘Pho DSQ’ Angus beef, wagyu loaf, brisket, tripe, rice noodles, beef broth (gf) 19

‘Pho tai’  Angus beef, rice noodle, beef broth 15

Crispy Pho brined chicken leg, rice noodles, pho broth (gf)(df) 17                                                                    
Crispy Pho brined chicken leg, steamed rice, pickled carrot, shallots (gf) (df) 17

Crispy chicken leg, thin egg noodles, soy, garlic, pickles (df) 17

Bbq pork , rice vermicelli, cumber carrot, daikon, taro spring roll +3 (df) 15                            

Sautéed red prawn, thin egg noodles, fresh tomato, basil, x.o sauce (gfo) 17

Charred ground wagyu, thin egg noodle, tomato miso, basil, fried shallot, padano (dfo) 15

Add beverage
Soft drink +2
Jug +10
Beer +7
Wine +12

(gf) gluten free (df) dairy free gfo gluten free option

Coconut turmeric crepe, chicken, onion, bean sprout, jicama,(gf)(df) 19

Bbq pork, steamed rice, pickles, fried egg +2 (df) 15

Fried tofu, tomato, onion, basil, black vinegar, sichuan pepper 15

Broccolini, thin egg noodle, chilli, tomato, basil, x.o sauce, white wine (gfo) 17                                    

Green papaya, mango, carrot, peanut, basil, cured beef salad (gf)(df) 21

Roast duck, banana blossom, mint, basil, seaweed, peanut (gf)(df) 21

Taro spring roll (6pcs) (df) 10

Crab spring roll (6pcs) (df) 13

Please be aware we use nuts and nut products and cannot guarantee that any dishes will not contain any nuts. No alterations to the menu. Prices are subject to change without notice. No split billing. Credit and Debit cards incur a surcharge at our lowest cost of acceptance. 10% service fee is added on public holidays and groups of 8 or more.