Lunch Specials

*Available lunch only

Com ga don 16 [gf]
Rice with twice cooked chicken and house pickles

Pho ga don 17 [gf]
Noodles in beef broth with twice cooked chicken on the side

Pho chay – Vegan pho 18 [gf]
Homemade vegetable stock served with rice noodles, mushroom and tofu

Mi kho ga don 17
Crispy twice cooked chicken with silky egg noodles tossed in soy and garlic dressing served with pickles

Com bo luc lac 18
Seared black angus rump marinated soy,garlic and sesame oil served with rice and pickles

Bun bo la lot 23
Grilled ground wagyu wrapped in betel leaf on pickled carrot and daikon tossed with rice vermicelli 

Banh xeo – Chicken or Pork 20 [gf]
Crispy coconut and turmeric crepe filled with onion, bean sprout and jicama

Pho dac biet 19 [gf]
Thinly sliced black angus beef, meat balls, braised brisket torched beef short rib, fresh rice noodles in beef broth

Wagyu egg noodles 16
Charred ground wagyu, thin egg noodle, tomato miso, basil, fried shallots, padano            

DIY rice paper roll kit $40

8 Vermicelli sheets
3 chicken skewers
3 pork skewers
4 wagyu wrapped in betel leaf
1 spring roll vegetarian
Add prawn skewers 10