Takeaway - Vegetarian / Vegan


‘Spring roll’ netted taro (6pcs) (vegan)  10

Rice paper roll with tofu and shitake (2pcs) (gfo) (vegan) 11

Faux chicken skewers (3pcs) (vegan) 14 

Aburi corn cob, fermented chilli, butter, typhoon shelter 11 

Smoked miso eggplant fritter, sesame, chives, ginger nuoc cham 19


‘Banh khot’ coconut and turmeric pikelets, shiitake, tofu, pickled leek, tomato (vegan) 25

Fried silken tofu, Sichuan pepper, black vinegar, coriander (gf) (vegan) 26


‘Banh xeo’ crispy coconut & turmeric crepe, onion, bean sprout, jicama (gf)(vegan) 20
Add tofu and mushroom 6 (gf), mock roast duck 9

Rice paper roll kit (vegan) 50
Vermicelli sheets
Faux duck duck fillet 
Faux pork skewers
Eggplant fritters
Spring roll


Faux roast duck, seaweed, basil, banana blossom, viet coriander, peanuts (vegan) 26

Green papaya, mango, carrot, peanuts, basil, shiitake vinaigrette (gf) (vegan) 21


Lettuce and herbs (gf) (vegan) 3
Potatoes in fermented soy butter, chilli, garlic, lemon grass rosemary (gfo) 16
Rice papers (gf) (vegan) 2
Vermicelli sheets with shallot oil (gf) (vegan) 8
Vegan pickles (gf) (vegan) 7
White rice (gf) (vegan) 4


‘Bun thit nuong’ rice vermicelli, carrot, daikon, bbq faux chicken, spring roll (vegan) 20

‘Com dac biet’ rice w/ bbq faux chicken, faux duck, pickles (vegan), Add fried egg +3 18

‘Vegan pho’ vegetable & mushroom broth, broccoli, cauliflower, tofu, oyster mushrooms 22

X.O fried rice with 60 degree egg, peas, corn and shallots (gf) 19

Thin egg noodle roasted garlic, chilli, basil, padano 15

Egg noodles in garlic, chilli, soy dressing 13

Please be aware our kitchen handles allergens such as nuts, shellfish, gluten and egg. Whilst we take effort into accommodating to dietary requirements, we cannot guarantee that our dishes will be allergen free. No alterations to the menu. Prices are subject to change without notice. No split billing. Credit and Debit cards incur a surcharge at our lowest cost of acceptance. 10% service fee is added on public holidays and groups of 10 or more. Cakeage fee $4 per person. BYO Wednesday only, wine only. Corkage fee applies.